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After Surgery

  • The length of stay postoperatively varies according to the type of procedure and your physician’s instructions

  • Your physician and nurse will provide written postopertive instructions. Please follow all instructions carefully so your recovery will be as quick and confortable as possible

  • At anytime, if you have an urgent need regarding your procedure after discharge, contact your physician or seek medical attention from a local emergency room

  • For non-emergent questions regarding your procedure postoperativly, contact the surgical center staff at: (713) 665-1111

  • A nurse from First Street Surgical Center will call you at home the day after your procedure to check on your recovery

We recommend that you download a printable version of our 5 page brochure that outlines all the information contained in this section of our website. It is extremely helpful and expedites your paperwork on the day of your procedure.

Printable Information PackagePrintable Information Package

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