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Anesthesia Services at First Street Surgical Center are performed by Medical Anesthesia Associates LLP, an affiliation of highly skilled and respected physicians whose credentials are reviewed and approved by our medical staff.

Anesthesia services at First Street Surgical Center are provided by the Medical Anesthesia Associates LLP. The group provides services to several Houston healthcare facilities. The individuals rendering anesthesia at First Street Surgical Center are all well trained, board certified anesthesiologists each of who hold many years of practice.

First Street Surgical Center requires that two anesthesiologists (or a CRNA and anesthesiologist) be present whenever surgeries are scheduled. This allows for an anesthesiologist to be present within the operating room while another anesthesiologist may be dedicated solely to overseeing those patients who have completed surgery and who have been transferred to the recovery areas. Such vigilance from the anesthesiologists increases the level of each patient’s safety beyond that required by the State of Texas.

Medical Anesthesia Associates LLP is contracted by First Street Surgical Center to perform anesthesia services at our facility. First Street Surgical Center's physicians demand the highest degree of professionalism and medical care from all those who represent our facility and the directors of the anesthesia group recognize and appreciate this fact. Our facility is consistently staffed by anesthesiologist from within the group that the surgeons have established a comfort level with, and whom they know provide a high degree of service. Each is hand selected to represent First Street Surgical Center as a comfortable and professional establishment where the patient’s overall experience is highly regarded. We at First Street Surgical Center wish for each patient’s stay at our facility to be met with respect, dignity, sincerity, friendliness and open communication.

The individual anesthesiologist will interview each patient preoperatively, during which time they will review the patient’s medical history and explained in detail what the patient may experience prior to, during and following surgery. The anesthesiologist will also be present to discharge the patient.

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