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Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Bellaire, Texas
No longer reserved for the wealthy and elite, cosmetic procedures are more available and safer today than ever before.

Plastic, or cosmetic, surgery is a growing industry in the Untied States. Once an area reserved for the elite and aristocratic, revolutions in technology have allowed many cosmetic procedures to become more affordable and widespread. The demand for new and more specialized procedures lead to breakthroughs on all fronts of the plastic surgery field. Today, plastic surgery no longer carries the stigma that was once attached to it. As our population ages, the public has come to acknowledge the fact that pride in one’s personal appearance can lead to greater self confidence, psychological well-being and overall greater health. In addition, cosmetic procedures are safer today than ever before, and many procedures are considered routine.

While many plastic cosmetic procedures are elective, there are many that may be covered by private insurance, such as bletharoplasty, breast reductions, even some procedures that address issues created by rapid weight loss that may have been a biproduct of bariatric surgery.

Plastic surgery may address corrective issues as well. Scarring caused by injuries or burns can often be reduced through cosmetic procedures. Bletharoplasty may address obscured vision caused by the natural process of eyelid sagging that occurs with age.

Most rudimentary cosmetic procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting for which the facilities at First Street Surgical Center are ideal. The plastic surgery team at First Street Surgical Center specializes in performing multiple procedures during a single operative visit. The new, state of the art equipment, spacious and well-managed operating rooms, and the internal policies and controls that have kept our infection rate to zero, all indicate that First Street Surgical Center is an idea facility to undergo such procedures.

In addition, our nurse to patient ratio is higher than when compared to other facilities where the nurse to patient ratio may be as low as one to six. Most plastic procedures can be managed postoperatively with pain medication; however, in some cases where multiple procedures have been performed, more aggressive pain management may be employed. The attention our patients enjoy in our recovery rooms allow our patients a greater degree of comfort, assurance and medical vigilance immediately after surgery.

All of the surgeons who are credentialed at First Street Surgical Center are Board Certified in their surgical subspecialties. Our plastic surgery team is highly qualified and the surgeons at First Street Surgical Center have a high level of confidence in their abilities and professionalism.

Since 1997, there has been a 465 percent increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures. Surgical procedures increased by 118 percent, and nonsurgical procedures increased by 764 percent.

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