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Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. You will be issued a patient ID number at the time of registration for your privacy protection. Please give your patient ID number to the person who will be caring for you and/or driving you home. This will allow us to provide them with updates on the day of your procedure.

First Street Surgical Center

411 North First Street
Bellaire, TX 77401

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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

It is the intent of First Street Surgical Center that every patient’s civil and religious liberties, including the right to independent personal decisions and knowledge of available choices, shall not be infringed. The staff and the employees of the facility shall encourage and assist in your ability to exercise these rights.

Any guardian or agent of the patient may seek enforcement of these Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Your rights and responsibilities as a patient include the following:

  1. You have the right to treatment regardless of your race, color, national origin, disability, age or source of payment for your care

  2. You have the right to exercise your rights without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal

  3. You have the right to receive care in a safe setting

  4. You have the right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment

  5. You have the right to be fully informed about your treatment or procedure and the expected outcome before it is performed

  6. You have the right to expect the facility, within its capacity and stated mission, and within applicable laws and regulations, to respond to your requests and need for treatment

  7. You have the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment and the right to initiate advance directives. If you have an advanced directive or wish to have one, please speak with a nurse. This ASC does not honor advanced directives, but in case of an emergency will provide a copy to the accepting hospital

  8. You are responsible for providing information about and/or copies of any living will or advanced directive

  9. You have the right to considerate and respectful care, which includes consideration of the psychosocial, spiritual and cultural considerations that influence your perception of illness

  10. You have the right, in collaboration with your physician, to make decisions regarding your healthcare

  11. You have the right to information that will enable you to make decisions regarding your treatment

  12. You have the right to accept medical care or refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed of medical consequences of such refusal

  13. You have the right to be informed of any experimentation or other research or educational project that affects your care or treatment

  14. You have the right, within limits of the law, to personal privacy, and confidentiality of information

  15. You are responsible for providing, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your health status and past medical history and reporting any unexpected changes to the appropriate practitioner

  16. You are responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the primary practitioner involved in your case

  17. You are responsible for providing adult transport to your home after surgery and for an adult to be responsible for you at home for the first 24 hours after surgery

  18. You have the right to know the identity of the physician primarily responsible for your care and to be informed as to the nature and purpose of any procedures to be performed

  19. You have the right, or your legally designated representative has the right, within the limits of the law, to information contained in your medical records

  20. You have the right to voice complaints or grievances regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished. If you feel your rights or care have been compromised please contact the Director at (713) 665-1111

  21. Please be informed your healthcare practitioner may have ownership in the ambulatory surgical center

The physician’s nurses and entire staff are committed to assure you reasonable care. If you feel your complaint or grievance was not resolved please report in writing to:

First Street Surgical Center

c/o Administrator
411 North First Street
Bellaire, TX 77401

If your complaint or grievance is not resolved to your satisfaction you may report to:

Texas Department of State Health Services

Health Facility Licensing Division & Compliance Division
c/o Director
1100 West 49th Street
Austin, TX  78756

Tel: (888) 973-0022

For Medicare inquiries or complaints contact 1-800-MEDICARE  or

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